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Mortgage protection


Mortgage protection

Mortgage protection policies work as a type of life or disability insurance. The cost of the monthly premium varies depending on the current amount of the mortgage, your age and your health with also influence in the cost of the policy. MPI policies in general only covers the principal and interest portion of a mortgage payment, so fees like HOA dues, property taxes and home owner’s insurance would still be your responsibility to pay. Some contracts are designed to help those living in your home, your family or successors, with making the mortgage payments in the event of your passing. As an example, if you die with a balance on your mortgage and have an MPI policy, your insurer pays the remainder of the balance directly to your lender. Your family, your partner or your heirs won’t have to worry about making the remaining payments or losing the property. At Panel Development Partners we specialized in the design of these policies depending of your specific circumstances and have direct access to more than 100 companies that specialized on these particular risk. Contact us today.

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